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The fact of migrant birds is known to erverybody. Not many people know that there are some species of butterflies and moths which cannot overwinter in our countries. There existence here is due to an yearly immigration from southern countries - mainly during the early summer.

In the following I am listing own records as well as records which resulted from reliable information which I got via internet.

The German version of this page ( |Wanderfalter| ) contains a much more precise description of the localities !

Colias crocea
Clouded Yellow

14/9/99 After all this quite rare migrant has reached Germany this year ! I observed a fresh female in the southern part of the Suabian Jura (South-Germany) at a clover field.
19/9/99 In the northern part of the Suabian Jura (South-Germany) I could oberserve the second specimen of the year, this time at lucerne field.
14/10/99 At a meadow near my home town Saulgau ( 40km north of Lake Constance) the third and last Clouded Yellow (male) was recorded.
Vanessa atalanta
Red Admiral
25/4/99 First Red Admiral  recorded at the Suabian Jura (South-Germany)

Sporadic records in South-Germany in May and June.l

End of July :   The Red Admiral is appearing quite numerous

September :  Specimens here in South-Germany can be recorded everywhere  as well as caterpillars at nettle leaves that have been spun up to form a tent.

Wolfgang Hamburg from North-East-Germany ( Region of Rostock) told me at 19.9.99   of about 30 Red Admirals at overripe plums..

2/10/99 Strolling along the shore of Lake Constance (South-Germany) I recorded about 12 Red Admirals of which at least 8 showed a migrating behaviour ( the direction was South or South-West)
12/10/99 4 specimens near my home town Saulgau (South-Germany)
22/10/99 3 specimens near Saulgau (South-Germany)
26/10/99 Still 8 specimens at rottenpears near Saulgau
31/10/99 4 specimens in the region of Stuttgart
Cynthia cardui
Painted Lady
29/4/99 The first Painted Lady appeared her in South-Germany (Suabian Jura)
3/5/99 Next two Painted Ladies near my home town Saulgau

End of July :  Painted Ladies can be observed sporadically

Mid of August :  Only a few records

September : 12.9. a fresh specimen at garden Buddleia.

14/9/99 Again four relatively fresh specimens in the Southern Part of the Suabian Jura
Aporia crataegi
2/7/99 4 specimens near the source of the river Danube (South- Germany)
15/7/99 1 specimen in the Southern part of the Black Forest (South- Germany) .
Issoria lathonia
Queen of Spain Fritillary
Single butterflies could be recorded by me in South- Germany during early autumn
Pontia daplidice/ edusa
Bath White
29/7/99 For the first time this butterfly could be recorded by me in Germany (I think it's P.edusa) . In former Eastern Germany near Freyburg two specimen appeared.
Dec.99 to
Jan. 00
During my winter holydays in the Canarian Islands (mainly La Palma) I recorded 3 butterflies.
Lampides boeticus
Long-tailed  Blue
29/12/99 One specimen appeared near Santa Cruz de la Palma (Canarian Islands).
Danaus plexippus
Monarch (Milkweed)
I was happy to observe this wonderful species for the first time in La Palma (Canarian Island) - 3 specimen at different places.
Catopsilia florella 8/1/00 Shortly before my departure I recorded that butterfly near the southern airport at Tenerife (Canarian Islands).
Humming-bird Hawk-moth
10/6/99 My first record of this species in 1999 in Germany.

Mid of August :  Not many records were made by me

September :  Increasing frequency

2/10/99 In Meersburg at Lake Constance I observed  8 specimen.
Acherontia atropos
Death's-head Hawk-moth
13/6/99 Family Suter  observed a copula of two specimen in Switzerland ( Basel)
Autumn 98 Record of a pupa in South-Germany (Southern Suabian Jura)
18/8/99 Mark Schaefer found a caterpillar (green form) in the southern part of the Black Forest (South-Germany). The moth was emerging at 09/14 !
1/9/99 A caterpillar was brought to a kinder-garden in Paderborn (North-West-Germany). The moth was emerging at 10/17 !
13/10/99 Sabine Jelinek took a picture of a Deat's-head Hawk-moth   which was found in the Black Forest near Freiburg (South-Germany)
Agrius convolvuli
Convolvulus Hawk-moth
21/6/99 Peter Meixner recorded a specimen from Austria ( Mutters , 50km north of Brenner-pass in the Alps
12/8/99 Daniela Kuehnel from Frankfurt found a caterpillar pupated within one day. The moth was emerging at 09/25 !
9/9/99 In my garden in Saulgau (South-Germany) I watched the Hawk-moth at Oenothera biennis
12/9/99 Family Wenger from Switzerland  (Interlaken) recorded a specimen at Oenothera biennis
9/9/99 Sonja Hilbert from Lampertheim (Middle-Germany) found the moth at a wall in her flat.
10/10/99 I got a picture of the black form of the caterpillar which was found near Basel (Switzerland/ Germany). The following link leads to this picture :
Hyles gallii
Bedstraw Hawk-moth
20/7/99 Daniel Masur found a dead specimen near Lake Constance (South-Germany).
Hyles euphorbiae
Spurge Hawk-moth
The two specimen were recorded by Mark Godbey  near the Darmstadt ( near Frankfurt)
24/7/99 I found two caterpillars in the northern part of the Suabian Jura (South-Germany) which pupated some days later.
1/8/99 Near Nuremberg (North-Bavaria) I found 5 caterpillars which pupated 8 day later.
End of Dec.99 to
begin of Jan. 00
At the Canarian Island La Palma I found at different places a lot of caterpillars in different sizes - from 6mm up to 60cm. one of the caterpillars pupated in the middle of January.
Daphnis nerii
Oleander Hawk-moth
No record this year
Other Moths
Euplagia quadripunctaria
Jersey Tiger
Begin of Aug. This moth could be recorded by me several times at the northern Suabian Jura and in the Franconian Jura in South-Germany.
Autographa gamma
Silver Y
Aug. - Oct. Abundace as in usual years .
Phlogophora meticulosa
Angle Shades
12/12/99 I found a caterpillar at a plant in my house ! It could be feeded by salad and pupated  on 26/12/99 . The moth emerged at 30/1/2000 .
5/12/99 Sabine Schmidt found a caterpillar , it pupated , the moth emerge at the end of December.

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